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What’s Your Morbid Hobby?

Life is full of “which is worse” scenarios. There’s the “death by fire” or “death by ice.” Here it is in the poem “Fire and Ice,” as could only have been written by the great American poet Robert Frost: Some … Continue reading

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Film Review: My Hero Brother (2016)

Want to see a light film that you didn’t expect to like but has a subtle and uplifting impact? Read about some incredible sibling relationships, and a lot more! The film is not in the theaters now, but you’ll be … Continue reading

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Truth or Mom?

As a college writing teacher, my students were required to write essays that would answer the question: Is it ever okay to lie? Paper after paper my students would write “Yes” and go on to support their answers. I knew … Continue reading

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“Was He Black?” The Unfortunate Aftermath of an Incident

It was already scorching hot at 5 a.m. and the morning sun already lit up the city streets that stretched east and west, and those that stretched north and south, as well as the rivers that bounded the city limits, … Continue reading

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If That Wedding Ring Don’t Shine

I first saw the small dark blue ring box on the front table as I was heading toward the kitchen, my eyes picking it out from the odd paper clips, mail waiting to be posted, set of keys, small jar … Continue reading

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Haiku Challenge: The Calendar

Reblogged and modified from my blog, “Mom, Me, and Elderly.” TJ’s household weekly haiku website challenges us this week with the household item, a calendar. The calendar has a unique significance to me. To elderly moms, to elderly dads, to … Continue reading

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