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What’s Your Morbid Hobby?

Life is full of “which is worse” scenarios. There’s the “death by fire” or “death by ice.” Here it is in the poem “Fire and Ice,” as could only have been written by the great American poet Robert Frost: Some … Continue reading

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Film Review: My Hero Brother (2016)

Want to see a light film that you didn’t expect to like but has a subtle and uplifting impact? Read about some incredible sibling relationships, and a lot more! The film is not in the theaters now, but you’ll be … Continue reading

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Poetry Submissions: What Would Joyce Kilmer Say?

I’m sure many of you poets have all encountered this email text: “It is difficult to make a judgement about a poet’s work based on one poem. Therefore, I am asking you if you could, to send, say, 6 – … Continue reading

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Bye Bye Business!

It’s been a great run, really. But two weeks ago I realized it was time to say goodbye. Goodbye to my business that I’d been running since 1995. I’ve passed by many storefronts that have closed up, only to be … Continue reading

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Film Review: Hidden Figures

Please read my review of the film Hidden Figures as published in Boston’s print and online paper, The Jewish Journal. The Jewish Journal begins…. The film “Hidden Figures,” directed by Theodore Melfi, brings us the true story of America’s zeal … Continue reading

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Book Review: Sisterhood of Spies: The Women of the OSS

When we hear CIA – it’s impossible for this acronym to not conjure up an image – but how many of us know what the OSS was? During WWII, the Office of Strategic Services became America’s first central intelligence agency, … Continue reading

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TJ’s Household Haiku Weekly Challenge: “At the Diner”

TJ has a Household Haiku Weekly Challenge. This week her two items for the haiku are MEAL and FRIENDSHIP. Her blog is, timely enough, located in Paris. May Paris be blessed with all things good. Here is my haiku: AT … Continue reading

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