REPRINT of PRINTS: A Poem for Dogs (and Those Who Love Dogs)

The online journal River Poets Journal has been, in honor of National Poetry Month, soliciting “napkin poetry,” short poetry that can fit on a napkin! I’m so pleased that they published a poem of mine, “Prints.” (April, 2016). Each published poem is printed on – you guessed it – a napkin! Here is “Prints” for you to enjoy!


The above poem I was inspired to write one day, as my husband and I were taking a walk through a park, at the end of a winter where we saw over 110 inches of snow!

Journals abound that writers can submit their writing to, but I really like and recommend River Poets Journal for its simplicity and creativity of design, its embracing of all poetry styles, the editors’ willingness to discover new talent, its conceptual creativity (dedicating a page to napkin or pocket poetry, for example), and its online and print (.pdf) presence. I also delight in its all inclusiveness: In addition to poetry, prose, art and photography, even musical compositions are accepted and available for listening! River Poets Journal is dedicated to “(w)ork that inspires, excites, feeds the imagination, rich in imagery, work that is memorable” and I highly recommend that you please visit it and stay awhile!

(Maybe you’ll even decide to submit some of your best work!)


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