Getting Your Indie Book into Libraries (Guest Post by Author Jane Hanser)

Many thanks to CHRIS the STORY READING APE (visit for including this piece of mine as a guest blogger. It’s a wonderful blog so please visit it, once and often!

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I was pretty excited about registering with the regional independent publishers’ organization that I am a member of, in order to join in their space at a regional library association’s annual conference. They claim that librarians love self-published and independently published books.

Full of enthusiasm, I submitted an ad to the organization’s catalogue and a copy of my book for their display. I came up with a nifty five-work description of my indie book. I made glossy rack cards and flyers. I greeted the many librarians who came by our table with a smile and lots of enthusiasm, and delighted to see a librarian lift my book from the rack and pick up a rack card. Occasionally I would leave our table at the exhibitors’ hall, introducing myself to librarians and handing them my card (for my book).

The following week, the independent publishers’ organization declared the conference “a success.”…

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About Jane

The gravitar you see is Joey, narrator and protagonist of my book, "DOGS DON'T LOOK BOTH WAYS," 2015 B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree. Recently I have been film critic for newspapers such as "The Jewish Advocate," "The Jewish Journal" and "The Newton Tab." I love to bicycle, play tennis, and swim, and to participate in local community activities. My favorites are providing food for the needy, bicycle and pedestrian safety, and literacy.
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