Indie Book Reviewers: In Appreciation of You

We indie writers are blessed to have the satisfaction to know we’ve been able to write and publish a book.  That journey took many of us much longer than we expected. It took me, for example, about three years longer to write it to the state where I felt it was finished and I could let it go. I never expected the next stage, marketing, to also take so long and be so frustrating. Will I ever be able to say my marketing is over, or will this be one long and endless journey?

With our book(s) completed, we find ourselves up against market economics. Many sites that are directed to us indie writers: blogs, websites, etc., want to sell us something: Public relations, tweeting, advertisements, adwords (AHHHH!), memberships in professional organizations, more tweeting, blasts of our books to book clubs, libraries, bookstores, on and on, if we only pay $5., $1., $25., $99., whatever the market will bear.

But one unique group of people who I would really like to recognize are the reviewers. I’ve found many on The Indie View, but I’ve found a few through Goodreads, Long and Short Reviews, Amazon Top Reviewers, The Kindle Book Review, and other sites.

These people love to read and are willing to keep a promise: They’re willing to read a book within a specified time frame, write a review, and post their review on a blog, on Amazon, on Goodreads, on FaceBook, on Pinterest, and on and on.  Some are writers, some have small publishing companies, some have retired from full time positions and are now reading and writing and blogging. They have families, elderly parents, health issues, responsibilities. They have to walk the dog.

They love to read and they love to support indie writers. And they don’t ask for financial remuneration.

After they write and publish our book’s review, they thank us for allowing them to read our book!  It’s a wonderful feeling. But they may also get some verbal abuse from writers who hoped to receive a better review than they did; after all, the review is now often public. A public criticism or a review anything less than stellar stings. When our book is up on Amazon and Goodreads, we are automatically subject to this. But if the writer has his platform in which to be honest and express himself, the reviewer also needs to be accorded the same.

Without these reviews and reviewers, many of us indie writers would not have a handle-hold in the world of book sales. If our options are already limited, i.e. we are going up against an established book publishing industry, they would be on life support without these reviewers. We would not have the encouragement we need to keep on going, to keep on going after one more review, one more sale.

So as I look over this year and the journey my book and I have been on, here’s my small expression of gratitude to the indie book reviewers to whom we owe so much.


2 thoughts on “Indie Book Reviewers: In Appreciation of You

  1. Wonderful observations and post! So warm, thoughtful and almost tear-jerking…particularly when I came across; “We would not have the encouragement we need to keep on going…”

    Thanks Jane, for an acknowledgement I will pass around!


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