The Bar Harbor Inn

Located in Bar Harbor, Maine, which is located on Mount Desert Island, is the lovely Bar Harbor Inn. For those who want a luxury but simple experience in one of the most beautiful places in the continental United States, here it is. And if you’re Shomer Shabos, you’ll be delighted to know this luxurious hotel has the old fashioned room keys!

The hotel sports the original main building, to which rooms have been added, which are family-sized and also have patios overlooking Frenchman’s Bay. The doors to this building open the old fashioned way:  No electronics.

There is another building that is separate and that overlooks the Bay and the rooms to this building are slightly less expensive than those to the main building. You enter directly into your room from the outside.

There is yet a third building behind this one which is slightly less expensive than the previously mentioned two. Again, guests enter directly into their rooms from the outside.

The rooms to all of these buildings are opened with a regular mechanical key.

There is lots to see in this town on Shabat, lots of places to go. If you time it right, between the high and low tides, you can walk over the tidal sand bar to Bar Island, which belongs to the Acadia National Park.  Consult the tide charts to help you to time it right.

Shabat Shalom!


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